About Dogmatic & The Beagle


Dog-matic & The Beagle is the story of two lovable canines (one robot, one not) trying to find meaning in the universe while cultivating an award-winning turnip garden all the while.

Join the plucky pups on weekly adventures, and don't forget to buy some fancy t-shirts and stuff.


David Cole

Writer & Illustrator

David spent his formative years at a Baptist Christian school, receiving no less than 8 hours of Bible study per week. Both his mother and father raised him lovingly, giving freely of their time to share and teach. Mom’s areas of specialization included domestic pursuits, a love of nature, play and continued Bible study. Dad shared his love of language, science and critical thinking. Both enjoyed the arts and outdoors.

In college David took up an independent Bible study. He studied the origins and translations of Bible writings and their historic contexts. He quickly found that much of what was taught to him in church was nothing more than accumulated error and tradition passed down by generations of frightened people. A lifetime of church indoctrination unraveled before his eyes. The timely introduction of some secular writing through college professors and friend, Geoffrey Smith, brought welcome clarity – and an even greater reverence for the fleeting wonders of life.

Now, confident in his purpose, David is spreading the good news of secular Humanism and critical thinking through cartoons. He continues his study of The Bible, History, nature, Philosophy and art, with the support of his loving wife and dog.


Geoffrey Smith

Contributing Writer & Web Guy

Geoffrey is a graphic designer, web developer, photographer, and erstwhile Californian with a certain proclivity toward skepticism and lively banter. Having been raised on a steady diet of vintage Mad Magazines handed down from his father’s own tattered collection, his peculiar disposition has become at times absurdist, often sardonic, and contrarian to a fault.

An avowed materialist, Geoff is neither religious nor spiritual, but continues to find awe and wonder in most things. He might be inclined to call this recognition: a secular reverence for the natural world—Aweism for short. And really, there’s so much amazing reality out there to be curious about, why linger on the supernatural?

Geoff lives in Seattle with his wife. He owns and operates LookatLao, a smallish design and photography studio.

Special Thanks

We’d like to thank the following people for continued input and encouragement:
Nikki Cole, Christopher Crandall, and Lorie Ransom. We’d also like to thank our parents for a lifetime of inspiration and support.

In addition, we’d like to thank the all the big thinkers, creators and organizations out there who have always found time to show us a different, more complete view of world:
Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Chris Ware, Richard Feynman, Sam Harris, Kurt Vonnegut, Carl Barks, Skeptics Guide To The Universe, Christopher Hitchens, Matt & Trey, Jeffrey Brown, DJ Grothe, Center for Inquiry, Seth MacFarlane, Kaz, George Herriman, Kitteh & Pip, many others…


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